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Understanding the Need for Video Marketing and Production Tags: webdesign searchengine production

An online video is a powerful medium when it comes to telling a story and making a mark, provided your business has relevant content and a strong identity. It is an effective way to regain your image or to distinguish yourself from competitors. Here are some other things to keep in mind before considering video marketing.

Videos are the favorite format for social media

Companies must be present on social networks if they want to have a viable online presence. But it is essential to choose the right strategy and content before moving forward. Video marketing is voted as the most shared format on social media, and it's no coincidence.

Videos are appreciated because they encompass the company’s image, sound, and text in one format. And if it is short, practical and creative, it will be shared on a large scale, which will give the business fantastic visibility.

Engagement through video

All web design professionals agree that video production advertising is the future of internet marketing. Video is the preferred format because it is more engaging than a classic intrusive video provided it is designed well. Just make sure you think of some original ways to integrate it into your business plan.

Most people do not always have the time to watch long videos. Videos that last about 20 seconds are shared much more often than those that are 30 seconds or longer. The appearance of Snapchat and its short ephemeral videos has, in part, conditioned the way of consuming video content.

Users are watching more than they are reading

Users spend more and more time watching live video. Twenty percent of the videos consulted on Facebook are “live” videos. Brands should follow this trend and double their creativity to stay visible and interact intelligently with their community. Content marketing is designed to create and distribute quality content to a targeted audience. In this sense, video is a very useful format to help you gain visibility and notoriety.

Different from inputting text, media support makes it possible to communicate with your visitors and prospects in an original way. Many Internet users prefer to watch a video rather than consulting a website. Just on Facebook, for example, more than four billion videos are viewed every day. That number is on target with TV commercial and advertising numbers.

Today, the demand and the diffusion of videos are exploding and the prospective ones do well. One-third of all online activities are devoted to viewing videos. The Youtube video platform is the second most used search engine in the world.

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